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'Beyond Brexit': A Research Report on Public Attitudes towards the UK's Future Relationship with the EU

Panel Discussion around the report at December's Common Ground Conference. Pictured: Chair Kuba Jablonowski (middle), discussants Dr Dan Devine and Lydia Martin, and authors Heather Rolfe and Jake Puddle (from left to right)

As part of Common Ground project, British Future carried out research on public attitudes towards the UK’s future relationship with the EU.

'Beyond Brexit' covers such issues as whether people would support closer cooperation between the UK and EU, including on specific issues; the extent to which the public feels the UK-EU relationship is important for the future; and whether people feel there are shared values or a shared sense of identity between people in Britain and the European Union.

It shows how UK political leaders and policymakers could constructively engage with the question of the future UK/EU relationship.

The research included a nationally representative survey of 2,000 people and 12 focus groups in three locations of the UK. It is part of the wider ‘Common Ground’ project, co-funded by the EU and carried out in partnership with the3million, a non-partisan organisation representing EU citizens in the UK, and the Fondazione Giacamo Brodolini in Italy.

You can download 'Beyond Brexit' here:

Beyond Brexit Research Report
Download PDF • 760KB


Common Ground is a project delivered in partnership by Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, the3million and British Future supporting communities of EU citizens in the UK to thrive. ​Co-funded by the European Union, our mission is to inspire more empowered EU communities in the UK by building connections, celebrating our shared European identity and sharing knowledge, with the aim of building a more positive relationship between the UK and the EU.



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