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Join us at the Common Ground Conference in London

Our conference will spotlight new research on British attitudes towards the future of the relationship between the EU and the UK, share best practice in working together for EU citizens’ organisations in the UK, and delve into how we can campaign together for change.

People of different ages and backgrounds at a conference

2023 Common Ground Conference in London

Date and Time: 5th Dec 2023, 9am - 5pm

Location: Coin Street Conference Centre, 108 Stamford St, London SE1 9NH

We are bringing together EU citizens, friends and allies to share knowledge and best practice, network and learn from each other, take inspiration from the wealth of diverse stories that EU citizens bring with them and weave into UK society.

If you would like to join the conference, please get in touch at We have limited places, but we would welcome your interest and accommodate as many interested people as possible.

Conference Themes


British Future will discuss a new report: “Beyond Brexit: Public perspectives on the future UK-EU relationship”, delving into public perceptions of common ground between the UK and EU. In a panel discussion chaired by Research Fellow Kuba Jablonowski, we will look at perceptions of: European identity and attitudes regarding shared European values, political questions about the current and future relationship between the EU and the UK, and where the public would like to see more collaboration.


Throughout the day, we will highlight personal and professional stories of EU citizens, celebrating the power of stories to connect us to one another and to change hearts and minds. A panel discussion hosted by Claudia Delpero, founder and editor of Europe Street News, will bring together editors from news outlets in the UK delivering information to EU citizens in their native languages. We will share insights into combating dominant media narratives with messages rooted in positivity and hope.


We will look at the different types of campaigning for change, for example advocacy, community organising and strategic litigation, sharing good practice and personal experiences from different perspectives. In a dynamic workshop, we will all come together in groups looking at successful methods of campaigning for EU citizens’ issues ahead of the next General Election.

Stories for Change exhibition

The conference will host an exhibition of a series of photographs by campaigners Carolina Henriques and Linda Nagy. Exploring new ways of storytelling, Carolina and Linda seek to understand lived experiences and identities by shifting focus to objects, places and spaces that shape the stories of EU citizens. These visual fragments of life trajectories are accompanied by extracts from interviews with EU citizens discussing themes of journey, belonging and identity.


Common Ground is a project delivered in partnership by Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, the3million and British Future supporting communities of EU citizens in the UK to thrive. ​Co-funded by the European Union, our mission is to inspire more empowered EU communities in the UK by building connections, celebrating our shared European identity and sharing knowledge, with the aim of building a more positive relationship between the UK and the EU.


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