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EU citizens celebrate #EuropeDay 2023

Every year on 9th May, we have a chance to remember the historic 'Schuman declaration' of 1950. It led the way for a new form of political and economic cooperation in Europe, making war between Europe's nations unthinkable and building the foundation for the European Union.

Of course, with the devastating war in Ukraine, occasions like these are both about celebrating what we’ve achieved so far, as well as redoubling our efforts to work together towards even greater peace, prosperity and justice.

We were delighted to bring together EU citizens in London, Bristol, Birmingham and Glasgow. Together with our partners Settled, EU in Brum and Coalicion de Espanoles, we built relationships with one another over food, listened to Eurovision’s greatest hits and had a laugh taking part in our quiz on all things relating to European communities in the UK.

If you would like to take part in future activities for EU citizens in the UK, and organise your own, please get in touch.


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