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Exploring what home means to us

For seven years since the Brexit referendum, the3million and just over 6 million EU citizens* living in the UK who applied to the EU Settlement Scheme have sent a clear message that ‘this is our home’ At our recent rally in Parliament Gardens we reinforced this message and made a point that ‘we are here to stay’.

While we stand up for EU citizens’ rights in the UK we are also working towards building a new relationship between the EU and the UK and fostering good relations and appreciation of the diverse experience and contributions of EU citizens to British society.

As we make the UK our home, we want to not only live here free of barriers and discrimination, but truly feel we belong in our community and get along with people around us. We come from many different countries and many different backgrounds, but our European identity and making the UK our home is what we all have in common.This is our common ground and we want to make it flourish.

With that in mind we are delighted to invite all EU citizens, friends, allies and supporters to our first Common Ground outreach event.

We will explore the concept of home, our values and belonging. We will reflect on what home means to us, what values we associate with it and how they affect our feeling of belonging - all done in a fun and creative way.

The event will be an excellent opportunity to get to know each other, network as well as to inform our planning for future events and online working groups. We hope to facilitate a safe and engaging space to share your experience and ideas as well to build connections for future collaborations.

This workshop is open to all EU citizens, friends, allies and supporters living in Birmingham & the Midlands, who are looking for community. Find out more and register now.


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