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Common Ground - Empowering EU citizens in the UK

Project partners taking part in the launch event in London at Europe House.

Common Ground is a two year project delivered by Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, the3million and British Future and funded by the European Union. We support communities of EU citizens in the UK to thrive.

Our mission is to inspire more empowered EU communities in the UK by building connections, celebrating our shared European identity and sharing knowledge, with the aim of building a more positive relationship between the UK and the EU.


Millions of EU citizens have made the UK our home, with the country having the largest diaspora of EU citizens in the world. Our communities are incredibly diverse, with people of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities and life experiences sharing a common identity.

Common Ground aims to facilitate new activities, conversations and dialogues to strengthen the network of EU citizens in the UK, enabling grassroots groups across the country to have their voices heard and contributions celebrated.

Through events, workshops and campaigns informed by research, we will work with civil society organisations and grassroots leaders to build even stronger and positive ties between the UK and the EU.

Project partners

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini is a network of change-makers, with a mission to generate social impact and socio-economic progress. FGB works to transform ideas into policies for a just and inclusive society. Strengthened by more than fifty years of experience, they are distinguished through an unshakable faith in human potential.

the3million is the largest grassroots organisation of and for EU citizens in the UK, working to protect the rights of people who have made the UK their home. the3million's vision is a world where EU citizens can thrive, reach their potential and have an equal voice in UK society.

British Future works to understand public attitudes and inform debates on issues that can often seem noisy and polarised. They listen to people's views, finding common ground and offering constructive solutions - building consensus for reforms to immigration and integration policy that can work for all of us.

Get involved

Are you a dedicated community leader in a EU community in the UK? Would you like to coordinate with other representatives of civil society organisations, to have a strategic approach to making change happen to your community?

We'd like to hear from you.

Get in touch and sign up to our newsletter below, where we will announce workshops, events and conferences you can take part in.


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