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Stories of Hope - Photography Open Call

Are you an EU citizen living in the UK, with a story to tell?
Do you have a passion for photography?

We invite you to participate in"Stories of Hope", a photography project that aims to share a glimpse into our journeys, identity, and aspirations for our life in the UK.

Join us in exploring and showcasing personal stories on the themes of identity, belonging, and aspiration using photographs from our lives which symbolise these concepts.

Competition closed on 20th April

Each of your three photos should be accompanied by a text or a piece of poetry of up to 250 words, delving into the meaning behind the photo, how it reflects your personal journey as an EU citizen in the UK so far, and your aspirations for the future.

"Stories of Hope" provides a platform for EU citizens living in the UK to express ourselves creatively and share our unique narratives. Through photography and storytelling, we aim to foster understanding, empathy, and solidarity within our diverse community.

You can get started by taking inspiration from the Stories for Change project which kickstarted this open call.

Sharing your work

We will share all entries on our Instagram page, and encourage everyone to vote for their favourite. We’ll invite the winning emerging photographer to join us on a trip to Brussels on 22nd May, to a EU citizens’ event with organisations from the UK and the EU working to protect our rights. We will cover your travel expenses and accommodation.

And we have plenty of other opportunities to share all of the work submitted!  

  • On 6th March & 3rd April, we invite everyone to take part in a webinar where we will explore challenges and opportunities for EU artists in the UK. However, the webinar is not mandatory. You can submit an entry without attending. 

  • On 9th May, we’ll gather in London for a celebration event, where we will share the photography exhibition and announce the winner of the open call.

  • In November and December, ‘Stories of Hope’ will also be showcased during Common Ground International Conference & EU Citizens’ Gathering.


You can enter the open call even if you’re not able to attend these events. Your work will be acknowledged and shared with audiences.

How to enter

  • Submit your story by completing the entry form by 20th April

  • Include 3 photos of objects from your life symbolising: your journey, your identity, your aspirations. 

  • Each photo should be accompanied by a piece of text or poetry no longer than 250 words explaining the story and symbolism of the photo and its connection to your journey, your identity, your aspirations

Read our full Terms & Conditions.

Let your voice be heard and your story be seen. Submit your entry before 20th April and be a part of this inspiring project.

We look forward to discovering your stories of hope through the lens of your camera.
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